Our core business is translation. However, we are a professional translation agency with a difference. For us, translation isn’t simply about converting text from one language to another but understanding our clients’ needs, reflecting faithfully and correctly texts given to us and providing a holistic service which goes beyond the mere reproduction of texts into another language by being very sensitive to our client’s time constraints, budget constraints and proposed document use.
We offer high quality, professional translation services in the following areas:

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Gaming Translation

Although global in our reach, we have offices in Malta and have witnessed at first hand the growth of the i-gaming industry in Malta, a growth which has been parallel to ours in the past 10 years. Whether it is the translation of terms and conditions, specific websites, corporate documents and licences, chat histories or legal/regulatory documentation that need to be translated we have an incredible wealth of experience in the sector and are located minutes away from the main players in the market allowing us to present a unique value proposition to our gaming clients. We visit them, we meet them, we deliver to them and our clients are part of our project. Click here to translate now!

Website Translation

Website Translation

Widely available statistics on e-commerce suggest that customers are four times more likely to buy from a portal which addresses them in their language. A multilingual website is an excellent way to promote your business in new markets and open the door to international transactions, whether your objective is to increase sales, promote visibility or engage with a wider audience. GTS offers website and web text translation into numerous languages. We are committed to organising and managing your project from beginning to end whilst reacting to your queries and instructions promptly and efficiently. Our team of specialist web translators are able to translate and localise any kind of website text according to your target market and audience. We offer a comprehensive localisation service, tailored to your international e-commerce objectives.  Click here to translate now!

Legal Translation

Legal Translation

Whether they need to translate a contract, probate documents, a complex joint venture or franchising agreement or bundles of documents that need to be exhibited in court or served cross border on defendants in different jurisdictions in litigation or international commercial arbitration, law practitioners yearn for the peace of mind given by a reliable and certified translation service provider. We have an ever growing team of legal experts translating into a wide range of different languages and serve an increasing number of law firms in their day to day translation requirements. Our fast, reliable and certified translation services allow legal professionals to focus on what they do best and allow them to make better and more profitable use of their time. GTS provides weekend translation services to law firms, notaries and other legal practitioners and provides for all notarisation and apostillation requirements, delivered straight to the professional's desk at very limited expense.  Click here to translate now!

Medical & Pharmaceutical

Medical & Pharmaceutical Translation

A growing list of clients in the pharmaceutical, medical devices and healthcare industries engage GTS for complex and often very specific medical translations including clinical protocols, consent forms, user manuals for medical devices, patents and patient leaflets. We have worked with some of the leading pharmaceutical manufacturers and were involved in a significant number of medical trials. Our team includes a number of medical doctors, specialist physicians and pharmaceutical graduates who allow us to provide fast and reliable services to our clients.  Click here to translate now!

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Patent and Intellectual Property Translation

Translation of Patents and intellectual property applications and dossiers is what we do best. A number of international organisations, institutes, governmental authorities and private corporations trust their patent applications and ancillary documentation translation to GTS. We have been providing our services to leading Patent Offices and leading corporations since our very inception. Our patent translators have experience in Biotechnology, Chemistry, Environmental Technology, Industrial Engineering, Information Technology, Mechanical Engineering, Medical devices, Optics, Pharmaceuticals and Nanotechnology.  Click here to translate now!

Financial Statements

Financial Statements, Audits and Annual Reports Translation

Audits, Annual Reports, Financial Statements and corporate documentation often require expert translation in very short deadlines. For important target client audiences, shareholders, regulators or investors, these documents are often an extended business card and a general introduction to the company and its affairs. We provide professional translation services by graduate mother tongue translators within extremely tight deadlines from a few hours to a couple of days. Our financial and audit translators have experience in various sectors from banking, to financial services, to shipping and aviation and we will ensure that your message gets through to your audience in a timely and precise manner. Click here to translate now!