Our core business is translation. However, we are a professional translation agency with a difference. For us, translation isn’t simply about converting text from one language to another but understanding our clients’ needs, reflecting faithfully and correctly texts given to us and providing a holistic service which goes beyond the mere reproduction of texts into another language by being very sensitive to our client’s time constraints, budget constraints and proposed document use.
We offer high quality, professional translation services in the following areas:


Transcription Services

Today, with the constant technological advances, it is easier to record a meeting, a speech, an interview or a teleconference rather than jotting down minutes. Also, various companies choose to record customer calls to continuously improve their services as well as safeguard their companies. At GTS, we offer excellent transcription services to document your recordings in a vast array of languages. We research, we write and we catch your source texts and transform them into documents that are e-mailed directly to you, uploaded to you or picked up from our offices. We work in plain text, HTML or MS Word or equivalent. Click here to translate now!

Proof reading services

Proofreading Services

Proofreading of written material is the final and essential step that must be taken before a document can be considered complete. If your text has a couple of misused words, missing words, incorrect punctuation, jumbled grammar or misspellings, it may be potentially damaging for you and your organisation's reputation. We at GTS provide meticulous proofreading and editing services to meet the unique specifications of your business and your business sectors. We can improve the accuracy, style and effectiveness of all your written material across a range of different media, from website content and social media profiles to presentations, reports and even e-mails. Our promise is to deliver the right professional, with the right skills and background who will ensure that your documents are consistent, precise and ready to use every time. And you will be free to get back to more productive use of your time. Click here to translate now!

Copywriting 1

Copywriting Services

We will give you access to a significant database of writers located close to our offices and around the world who will provide you with outstanding, contemporary and well-thought-out content for your website, corporate brochures, articles or blogs. With advertising and marketing adopting bigger roles in today's local and global markets our team has the right experience and creativity to provide striking promotional marketing tools while providing the exact right jargon for the benefits you are trying to convey to your target audience. You can give us the plot and we will get back with the words to tell your company's story and help you attract more customers and clients to your business.  Click here to translate now!



Establishing web presence is key in today's competitive market. Creating an eye-catching, user-friendly website is equally important. It is well-known that consumers' first search when they require a particular service is on the internet and with competition soaring, we help you to acquire full benefits from internet marketing. We will build a clean, sharp-worded website tailored to your needs and after delivery we will help you out with its marketing by optimising your site for maximum exposure and in keeping it up-to-date. Focus on your markets, on your work and on your online platforms whilst entrusting the linguistic side of websites to us. We will help you attract the widest markets in the most linguistically diverse geographical locations.  Click here to translate now!



Create engaging articles in various languages, whatever your business or needs are. Execute a large-scale content marketing strategy that drives awareness and consumer engagement. The strength of your content will establish your company on the web and if you can offer the information the consumer is looking for, you have pre-sold your services. Our writers will create fresh, valuable and easy-to-read articles that are effective to brand your business and increase your customer base in the widest range of markets in the most linguistically diverse geographical locations. Click here to translate now!

Product descriptions

Product Descriptions

Create product descriptions to optimise for conversion and search engine placement in multiple languages, localised to your target markets. Creating a product requires a lot of hard work in research and development, while product descriptions play critical roles in transmitting your product to your target customers. Our writers focus on feature benefit content to drive customers to checkout. Click here to translate now!

Blog 1


Engage your customers without engaging your time! Produce frequent, relevant blog posts without lifting a finger! Our creative writers will produce keyword-rich, well-written, and entirely original content to keep a constant flow of traffic to your website. We can also breathe vital life back into your dying blog by reassessing your target audience and craft fresh, carefully researched content to inspire and create a connection with regular and new customers.  Click here to translate now!